Wiccan Classic Teardrop Pendulum


Vibration free teardrop classic design pendulum. Uses a new concept bearing to balance the pendulum at rest or when it is swinging. Uses a vibration-free stainless steel bead or circle chain; the “bob” or point has either a high-quality nickel-plated brass or classic brass finish. The chain has a Wiccan Pentagram at the end.

The designer, George Goodenow, says, “This is the best balanced pendulum I’ve designed in 20 years. Perhaps this is one the best professional pendulums in the world.” Once you have used it, it’s hard to use another pendulum. Nothing feels as good while dowsing as this one.”


1 1/8″ long, about 5/8″ diameter, weighs about 15 grams.

Made in USA. Made to last. Eco-Friendly stainless steel chains.