Truth Be Told Oil


TRUTH BE TOLD is an oil used to obtain the truth. It contains herbs for compelling and commanding others in a base of two essential oils, one for increasing personal power and one considered effective in helping the user see through "glamour." This oil is intended to be used in situations where you wish to have the truth spoken to you, or when you want to ensure that you are not misled or tricked by others.

This mixture contains no essential oils or herbal ingredients that are known skin irritants, but at least one of the herbs in this oil is known to be poisonous if ingested. Do not ingest this oil or allow anyone else to do so. If you wish to use this oil on your skin, please do a patch test with a drop of the oil on the inside of your wrist or elbow at least 24 hours before you handle it. Be careful not to touch your face, mouth, eyes, or other mucous membranes after handling this oil, even when diluted. The carrier oil for all our products is almond oil, which is a tree nut oil. 

This oil is not linked to the lunar calendar, and may be used at any point during the month.

Suggested uses for this oil: anoint a piece of clothing before attending a meeting or event where you suspect someone is going to try to tell you a lie, or influence you via magical or mundane means. It can be useful for anointing talismans or feeding mojo bags. Some practitioners have found this oil useful for anointing scrying materials, such as mirrors.

For optimal use in candle magick, select a white seven-day candle, or section a regular taper candle into seven equal sections. Anoint the candle with TRUTH BE TOLD oil from base to tip, with the tip pointing towards your body. Appeal to your deities, ask to see the truth in whatever situation you're encountering. For a specific sitation, you can carve a name or word into the candle. If there is a particular person from whom you want the truth, you can carve their name into the candle and put a photograph or picture of them under the candle-holder for the duration of the work. Burn a section of the candle each night for seven nights - or one night, or three nights, however long you decide to extend the working, and depending on how much time you have to devote to it. Each night, repeat your appeal as you light the candle, concentrating strongly on the fact that you wish the truth to be told or revealed to you.

Always snuff or pinch out the flame rather than blowing it out. When the candle is burned almost as far down as it will go, move it to a safe space such as a tub or sink and allow it to gutter out by itself.

To dispose of a candle that has been anointed with a ritual oil, run the wick under water to prevent re-lighting, wrap the candle in cloth, and bury it respectfully. Should you choose to burn a petition or photograph in the flame as the candle gutters, ensure that the resulting ashes are included in the bundle to be buried. If burial is not an option, it is also appropriate to dispose of the remenants of the spell in running water.

Quadrivium Oils are made in a traditional manner. Consisting of all natural ingredients these oils are of the highest quality. Most oils you can buy are synthetic junk. 

2 dram bottle. 

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