Tree of Life Learning Cards


The Foundation of Kabbalah | Self Study Flash Cards

For thousands of years, seekers of spiritual truth have looked to the Tree of Life, the foundation of Kabbalah, for answers to the mysteries of the Universe. At last there is a way to learn the fundamentals of this mystical system easily and quickly. The Living Magick Learning Card Series is the key to mastering topics by getting the basics deep into your memory and enabling you to then expand your studies more effectively. Their motto is, "Don't just look it up... Learn It!" This flash card style deck covers: The 10 Sephiroth, 22 Paths, The Four Worlds, Archangels and Angels, The Three Pillars, Tarot correspondences, Elementals, Pronunciations, Colors and more. The cards are large, 3.75"x5.25" and come in a sturdy "lift-off cover" box for storage. They are printed on heavy duty, coated card stock for long term durability. There is also a booklet with more in-depth information and a recommended book list. The Tree of Life Learning Card Deck is intended to be used as a self study guide for learning the meanings and associations of various aspects of the Tree of Life and Kabbalah.

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