The Sacred Bridges Tarot


by Rachel Marie Paul

Comes with deck, individually designed hand painted pouch, and 2 paged "scroll" of guidance.

This beautiful, vibrant, 78-card, fully illustrated tarot deck with accompanying Sacred Scroll is the sophomore effort by tarot artist Rachel Paul. The Sacred Bridges Deck is documentation of one warrior woman's journey from sickness to healing by redefining her connection to those around her and the Earth Mother. The Sacred Bridge is not a physical bridge or a modern construction of stone and steel. Rather, it is a bridge of light and connection. A healing bridge. A symbol of peace and world oneness that leads us to a deeper understanding of our inner selves and each other.

The Sacred Bridges Tarot is a peace deck. There are no weapons. There are no kings and queens. It carries a message best described by the authoress herself in the LWB introduction: "I believe that we are all golden children of the divine, each with a unique and great purpose. All of us. And world oneness and peace begins when we as a human family bridge our way (back) to the Earth, to the Goddess energies that sustain us, and to each other. This is the story of the Sacred Bridge."

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