The Riddle in the MIrror: A Journey in Search of Healing


By Jayni Bloch

The Riddle in the Mirror can help you to:

1. Use your personal problems as a powerful activating force to heal.

2. Know how your personal problems relate to your ancestral wounds.

3. Understand and identify how personal and collective problems are Archetypal in nature.

4. Learn how the Archetypes inform you about principles that guide your healing process by valuing the symbolism of your challenges in conjunction with cognitive understanding.

5. Recognize how your personal story relates to your cultural and ancestral story as a means for collective healing. 

The Riddle in the Mirror is an essential map on your healing journey, to shift your life out of the struggle of repetitive human behaviour patterns and underlying beliefs that keep wounds alive and perpetuate those wounds in your children. 

Realize that your personal healing essential and the primary way that you paticipate to healing humanity. 

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