The Prince Lenormand Oracle


Lovingly hand painted and created for Diviners who work with the Lenormand system, are new to the deck or use it as a complimentary oracle to their divining craft. All Prince Lenormand Oracle decks are charged under the Blue Full Moon in 2015 for cleansing and divinatory energy intention setting.

The Lenormand Oracle is named after the legendary Parisian Cartomancer, Mademoiselle Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772-1843), who divined for some of the most influential people of her time. The Deck has its own system which is to-the-point, clear to read, and can be used on its own or alongside other divination systems, like the Tarot.

The cards are whimsical watercolored paintings which feature the symbols of the Lenormand Oracle system and the playing card symbols. The cards are borderless which allows for seamless visuals when conducting a reading with the deck.

40 Card Lenormand Oracle Deck


  • The 36 Traditional Lenormand Oracle Cards
  • 1 secondary Man and Woman card
  • 1 Person/Being Card
  • 1 Wild Card
  • 29 page booklet with card meanings, how to read the cards and  Lenormand Oracle spreads
  • Tuck box
  • Satin pouch

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