The Cartomancer Volume 4 - Issue 1


Featuring Dust II Onyx Tarot by Courtney Alexander
64 Pages

In This Issue:
Featuring Dust II Onyx Tarot by Courtney Alexander

PORTAL OF PRACTICE: Soul Tending by Carolyn Cushing
THE CARD GEEK: Intro to Lenormand by Toni Puhle
SAGE ADVICE by et al
EYES ON TAROT by Amanda Bell
PSYCARDS: The Skills card by Catt Foy
TARBROS on the Kings of Tarot
ASK THE WIZARD Queries from readers answered by the wise

Small Mysteries by Serena Fox
Journaling through Tarot. by Renee Yin
Tarot Trends: What to look for Michelle Gruben
Interview with Courtney Alexander by Arwen-Lynch Poe
Wild Tarot Magic: Spirit animals and Tarot by Chase Two Owls
Printing a Deck (Pt. 1) by Eric K. Lerner
Interview with Carrie Paris by Cynthia Tedesco
Telling a Better Story: Tools for writing by Bonnie Cehovet
Third Time’s a Charm PCS: A NOVEL by Cynthia Tedesco
Paranormal Investigations by Jennifer Hodgson
Tapping Tarot Magic: Health and Tarot by Chloë McCracken
Ancient Wisdom; Modern Translation: Elder Futhark by Jan Tjeerd

Featured Art
Day of the Dead Tarot by Laurel Thorndike
Troubador Tarot by Harmony-9
White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch
Monstarot by Joanna Nelson
Personal Space by Emilee Graverson
1917 Tarot by The Silhouette Publishers

White Sage Tarot
Spiritsong Tarot
Mystical Manga Tarot
Runes of the Northern Light Inspirational Oracle
Cover art The Moon from Dust II Onyx by Courtney Alexander

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