The 90-Question Deck


90 powerful questions to unlock your wisdom.

Good questions can often be the answer to many of life’s challenges. They can provide a profound place to start from or a way out of somewhere you got stuck along the way. Questions can help reveal us more clearly to ourselves and reveal our hidden thoughts, fears, desires, and biases.

The 90-Question Deck combines art with provocative questions. Great for daily meditation, brainstorming, and journaling. Use them to create spreads for other divination tools, or as prompts when you get stuck in a reading.

Andrew McGregor is a servant of the mysteries of life. He spends his time helping others find their way to authentic and joyful lives.

NOTE : If you live in the USA and are only ordering this deck you might want to get it directly from Game Crafters. They print and ship them from within the USA so it will be less at the end of the day. 

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