Tarot the Open Reading - Book by Yoav Ben-Dov


This wonderful book is great no matter what your background with Tarot. It covers
  • Tarot history – first centuries, French and English schools, the New Age.
  • Session dynamics – theory and practice. Shuffling, spreading and interacting with the querent.
  • How to read – looking at the cards and considering the complete picture, rather than using fixed interpretations. This is the “Open Reading” approach, which can be applied to any type of cards.
  • The symbolic language – suggested meanings for colors, numbers, types of figures…
  • Interpretations for all the 78 cards – philosophical, psychological and practical. These are based on the traditional illustrations, on historical iconography (symbols used and known in medieval and renaissance art), and on parallel symbols in other cultures or domains.
  • Numerous examples of spread interpretations.
  • Various references and explanations – modern physics (Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, Thermodynamics), schools of philosophy (Pythagorean, Aristotelian, Neo-Platonist, Alchemical, Hindu, Chinese..), saints and gods (Catholic, Hindu, Greek and Roman..), Cabbalistic symbolism, Talmudic citations, and more.
  • Tables - Hebrew Letters (French and English methods), minor suit correspondences.
  • Short interpretations – a separate section at the end, for quick reference in a reading
  • Card illustrations – featuring CBD Tarot de Marseille, a faithful reproduction of the “standard” traditional Tarot. As this was the basis of (almost) all the decks in use today, the book can help you understand the deep significance of cards in other decks as well.

For a more up-to-date version of this book, check out The Marseille Tarot Revealed, published by Llewellyn Publications.