Tarot of the Cat People: A Traveler's Report


by Karen Kuykendall

Would you like to explore the world beyond? The Outer Regions: The Great Unknown, the Unexplored, the Great Beyond - a vast area very, very far away, very mysterious, quite alien. A land that, because of it's remoteness and its hostility to life as most people known it, has assumed legendary proportions, fuelled by the tales of those few daring explorers and intrepid traders who have returned with exotic artifacts, rare jewels and tales of their journeys. 

The Tarot of the Cat People book was written by a single explorer. Having begun what was to be a brief journey, she remained with the Cat People, studying their ways and adapting their costumes, taking part in their work, play and rituals.

Tarot of the Cat People book p[rovides a fascinating insight into the stunning illustrations of the popular Tarot of the Cat People Deck.

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