Spirit of the Lake Oracle Deck


Welcome to the Great Canadian Divination Adventure!!! The Spirit of the Lake is an evocative and wildly expressive oracle, This deck has now features 89 numbered cards that work together energetically to provide powerful insight, wisdom and guidance.  

Oracle cards are consulted for daily inspiration or enlightening messages. SOLO has this soothing and uplifting potential; and yet, these shots are also imbued with the spirit of the lively wetlands and wooded terrain of Musselman’s Lake, which gives it a unique potency. Forged in sun and storm, the result is a dynamic oracle designed to reveal layers of light and shadow, surface and depth.


The Spirit of the Lake Oracle deck is a co-creation by Tina Hardt and professional photographer, Roger Carlsen.  

Tina Hardt's website provides additional information and a helpful PDF guide to the Spirit of the Lake Oracle.


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