Ship of Fools Tarot - Brian Williams


From court jesters to stand-up comedians, fools have always had something to teach us about the world we live in. As tricksters and social commentators, fools reflect our fears and foibles, our triumphs and tragedies.

In recent years the Fool has become a pivotal figure in Tarot. Many view the Fool as a representation of the innocent soul, traversing the archetypal landscape of the Major Arcana on the hero's journey toward enlightenment.

Based upon the German Renaissance literary classic Das Narrenschiff, or The Ship of Fools, this deck created by noted Tarot artist and scholar Brian Williams puts the Fool center stage. Featuring fools on every card, the Ship of Fools Tarot retains the traditional Tarot structure of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards, with the Minor Arcana divided into four suits of swords, staves, cups and coins.

The Book of Fools included in this kit was specifically written to accompany the deck. It includes descriptions and interpretations for each of the 78 cards, a detailed comparison of each card's similarities and differences with its counterparts in the classic Marseilles and Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot decks, and several unique methods for reading with this "foolish" deck.

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