Rune Learning Cards


Fundamentals of the Futhark Runes | Self Study Flash Cards

The Futhark Runes are a centuries old system for self discovery and divination. This set of symbols dates back to Norse mythology from ancient times. At last there is a way to learn the meanings and associations of the runes quickly and easily. The Living Magick Learning Card Series is the key to mastering topics by getting the basics deep into your memory and enabling you to then expand your studies more effectively. Their motto is, "Don't just "look it up"... Learn It!"

This deck has two parts. The first is a series of flash cards for each of the 24 traditional Runes, plus the modern addtion of the "Wyrd" rune for those who choose to use it. Each card includes the runic symbol on one side and on the other, its name, pronunciation, theme, keyword associations, properties and reversed meaning (if applicable). The second part of the deck is a "Rune Set" for doing readings, or "Rune Castings". These cards have just the rune on one side, and are blank on the other. These enable you to do rune readings with the cards without needing a separate rune set. There is also a booklet with additional indepth information and a suggested reading list. The cards are large, 3.75"x5.25" and come in a sturdy "lift-off cover" box for storage. They are printed on heavy duty, coated card stock for long term durability.

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