Palmistry Leaning Cards


The Art of Chiromancy | Self Study Flash Cards

Chiromancy, the system of evaluating a person's character, personality or future life by reading the palm of one's hand, has long been a practice in many parts of the world. The various lines, mounts and other structures offer information by their relative sizes, qualities, and intersections.

The Palmistry Learning Cards deck is an easy way to learn the art of palm reading. The deck includes seventy-eight 2 sided flash cards. The deck is divided into sections of study. The first four cards show the different hand types and what they mean. Other sections include the mounts or areas of the hand, the fingers, hand percussion areas, major and minor lines, palm markings, line markings, fingertip shapes, finger print patterns, palm patterns, nail shapes, finger joints, and the phalanxes of the fingers.

The information on the cards is a great place for beginners to start. The deck can also be used as a reference for more advanced students. The booklet that comes packaged with this deck includes additional information such as how to tell timing on the lines, and how the palm can indicate a person's state of health.

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