New Years Magic Kits (Two Kinds)


As we drift towards 2024 I have been looking at what people need coming out of their readings. And it seems like there are two big focuses - a desire for freedom and a desire for deeper commitment. Some folks need one or the other - and some folks need both. 

Like the new moon the kind of freedom people seem to really need is a release. A letting go or banishing of the things and people that are holding them back. We all have things that are not working for us. A bad habit we can't kick, a relationship we can't let end, a negative internal voice that holds us down. This work is intended to help you bring true freedom for yourself in 2024. Supporting you stepping fully into your whole self. 

Like the full moon, sometimes we need more of something. A deeper commitment to our selves, our goals, and our life. Need job security? A deepening of your relationship? The focus to get healthier? To deal with other persistent issues in your life? This is for you. This work will help you show up and manifest your goals and dreams. Supporting you in maintaining focus and building momentum through 2024. 

Like the cycle of the moon itself - some people might want both. Working to become both freer from the junk that has crept up and more committed to their true goals. These two are designed so you can work them together if you want to work both sides of life's problems. 

These kits will be made and shipped on the 21st. Anything else you order will be held and shipped with them. If you want other items sooner please place a separate order. This product will only be on sale until December 31. Then thats it. Each one is custom made. 

What will I get?

Each kit contains a 7 day candle made and blessed by me. A custom sigil aligned with your specific goals. (These sigils shown are samples. Yours will not be shared and be specific to you.) An oil to use throughout the year to help support your magic. And of course full instructions. 

How will it be personalized?

I'll send everyone who buys one an email and ask them a series of questions to help me clarify their needs. Then I'll check in with my guides and the cards to make sure all the right pieces come together. Then I'll carve the right symbols into it. I'll charge it with my guides, plant, incense and other things before sending it off to live with you. 

How do I work with it?

Each talisman will include a detailed set of instructions for both communicating your needs with this charm and how to feed it to keep it strong. 

What if I don't know much or anything about magic?

No worries. You are getting me to do this so you can make use of my decades of study and practice. If you can write on paper and follow a few simple directions you have got this. I am doing the hard part so it will be easy for you.