Mountain Dream Tarot


When it was released in 1975, the Mountain Dream Tarot, by Bea Nettles, was the first tarot deck composed of photographic cards. The digitally remastered, second edition was released in 2001. The portraits are the same in the two editions except that, for the Page of Cups and Page of Swords in the second edition, Nettles made portraits of her son and daughter who at that time were then essentially of the same age that Nettles was when she created the deck in 1975. The images are black and white, but the cards of the major arcana (Trumps) and each suit of the minor arcana (pips and courts) have a different tint.

The deck portraits are staged, costumed portraits inspired by the imagery of the Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Nettles indicates that she "chose the models who suited the cards and after reading the card's description we took a walk to find the right place to make the picture."

This is the 2001 second edition. Cards and box are in great shape. 

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