Mind Games: The Guide to Inner Space


by Robert Masters and Jean Houston

This updated edition of Robert Masters and Jean Houston's classic mind-training manual explains how these fascinating exercises can be applied in a host of contemporary settings. Clear instructions suggest how teachers, therapists, workshop, church, and community leaders, and everyone who wants to live and work with more focus, flow, and mental flexibility can use these games to maximize their potential for:

  • problem solving, team building, and conflict resolution
  • concentration and productivity
  • stress reduction and relaxation
  • focused listening and super communication



"Mind Games has reached classic status. Masters and Houston have used their accumulated decades of research experience to help readers regulate their own consciousness as well as direct programs for their friends, family members, students, and business associates. If I had to choose one book that has the potential to transform its readers' lives for the better, that book would be Mind Games. Its transformative capacities are evident on every page." --Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Graduate School, co-author The Mythic Path and co-editor of Broken Images, Broken Selves

"I can remember discovering Mind Games in the early 1970s and how it spoke to my mind and heart so directly then. It is even more relevant now because its tools and techniques can provide the soul sustenance needed to embrace the new millennium with all its challenges and possibilities. May it open the doorway to the deep adventure of life for millions as it did for so many of us two decades ago." --Michael Toms, co-founder, host, and executive producer of New Dimensions Radio and co-author of True Work: The Sacred Dimension of Earning a Living


About the Authors

Robert Masters, Ph.D. and Jean Houston, Ph.D., are the husband and wife team whose training programs, corporate and personal growth seminars, and best-selling books have been at the forefront of human potentials movement for decades.