Magickally Charged and Consecrated Brass Pendulum


Pendulums are wonderful tool for connecting with spirits. Whether it is your guide, an ancestor, or a spirit you’ve called for a ritual - pendulums can help you make sure the communication is clear and certain.

On the summer solstice I’ll be charging 6 brass chambered pendulums with a collection of stones, herbs, and secret ingredients to create a super charged vessel for spirit to speak to you with.

Each pendulum will include:

  • Moldavite is a great stone for aiding in deeper communication with spirit. It opens the upper chakras to help make the user more open to receiving messages. It is created when meteorites hit the earth it also facilitates drawing in other levels of consciousness through its relationship with the cosmos. 
  • Herkimer Diamonds magnify the energy of other stones and strengthen psychic perceptions. When combined with moldavite it creates powerful channels for spirit communication.
  • Herbs and oils to anchor and strengthen the use of stones.
  • Finally each pendulum will be specifically tuned through secret ingredients i will include for the person buying it.

On the summer solstice all of these items will be consecrated together with the energy of this high point of the suns energy.

Price $150 + delivery.

Each pendulum comes with a bag for carrying,  instruction for use, and a card to use for divination.

Orders will be mailed after the 21st of June.

If you ordered other things with your pendulum they will be held and shipped together unless other arrangements are made.