Jadeite Tear Pendant


As an amulet Jadeite stabilizes blood pressure that has a tendency to change drastically from high to low. It is especially good for those who react to changes of weather conditions. Opaque black Jade with magnetite inclusions noticeably stabilizes energy of the wearer. It is very good amulet against diseases of urinal-genital organs. As talisman it protects from misfortune.

Jadeite heals any internal disorders, strengthens the body, protects from fatigue, extends lifespan. Pink Jadeite strengthens cardiac muscle, the white one improves immunity, and the green Jadeite has a beneficial effect on kidneys’ functionality.

In the East they believed in mystical force of this stone. Goods from Jadeite which are in immediate proximity to the person, were believed to protect and benefit him. After a grave accident, Jadeite would be found broken, protecting life and health of the wearer. Jadeite was considered as the predecessor of all gemstones, symbolizing five main virtues: mercy, modesty, courage, valor and wisdom. Jade is an ancient symbol of love and virtue.

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