Get a Job Oil


GET A JOB is a blend of ingredients for money drawing, good luck, and success in business, combined with others normally reserved for seduction and love oils. It can be used either by those who are unemployed and wish to find work, or by those who have a job but wish for a promotion, those worried about secure employment, or seeking to extend a temporary contract. The most effective time to use this oil is during a waxing moon, defined as the time between the new moon and the end of the waxing gibbous, not including the full moon. However, GET A JOB is most effective when used continuously until work is found.

This mixture contains essential oil of cinnamon, which is a known skin irritant. Please do a patch test on the inside of your wrist or elbow 24 hours before you use this oil anywhere on your skin. Be careful not to touch your face, mouth, eyes, or other mucous membranes after handling this oil, even when diluted. The carrier oil for all our products is almond oil, which is a tree nut oil

Suggested use: Carve your petition into a green candle and anoint it with GET A JOB oil. Apply the oil from the base to the tip of the candle, holding the wick pointing towards you and the base pointed away from your body. Pray or petition your deity or deities to bless your job search, to make it short and fruitful, and to assist you in finding enjoyable, well-paid work. Alternately, you might petition your deity or deities to make your current job a secure and permanent one, or for assistance with obtaining a promotion. You have the option to either mark the candle into three, seven, or nine equal sections and burn it each night, or burn the candle down in one night. If you decide to burn a section each night, remember to always snuff or pinch out the candle flame, never blow it out. If the work you desire is not found by the time the anointed candle has burned down to the end, bury the stub respectfully and start again with a new candle. Continue until work is found.

Other suggested uses: If a patch test shows you are not sensitive to the oil at this dilution, rub a dab of oil on your hands before you log on to job sites or search online job databases. When submitting a paper resume, anoint the corners of the paper very lightly with GET A JOB oil. Use a tiny smudge of oil on your phone, if you can find a place where a bit of oil will not interfere with the technology, especially if you are using the phone to make calls that involve your employment status. If you are attempting to gain a permanent position or a promotion and have determined that you are not sensitive to the oil, rub a bit of oil on your hands before touching anything at your place of employment. These are only suggested uses, and there are many more ways to use the oil in order to give your job hunting a magical edge.

Quadrivium Oils are made in a traditional manner. Consisting of all natural ingredients these oils are of the highest quality. Most oils you can buy are synthetic junk. 

2 dram bottle. 

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