Fluorite Mala Prayer Beads (Multiple Options)


A distinctive 108-bead fluorite prayer mala. Available in either fluorite or banded fluorite. Banded fluorite mala comes with either 6 mm beads (with tassle) or 4 mm beads (without tassle).

Fluorite is an excellent healing stone with a positive energy around it. It balances the energy around you and your environment. Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra; it also seems to boost psychic communication and improve spiritual balance.

Banded Fluorite is great for students; It discourages chaotic growth and turmoil. Associated with the third eye chakra, it is a great healer, and it helps with mental focus and clarity. It also helps with spiritual sight. It is also known for ranging in colours from deep greens and purples, to rich blues and bands of white.


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