Fabric Tarot Patches from By Tooth and Claw Vintage


These back patches are 10" x 14" on heavy duty canvas, with approximately 1" of fabric around the silk screened image. 

Featuring iconic tarot imagery from the Major Arcana (from decks like the classic Rider-Waite-Smith and the Oswald Wirth tarot), these patches were hand-made by Heidi Nagtegaal, who runs By Tooth and Claw Vintage in Vancouver, BC. 


Colour and Card Options:

Fool - White Ink on Black Canvas

Magician - Gold ink on Navy Blue Canvas

Empress - White Ink on Black Canvas

Chariot - White / Gold Ink on Brown Canvas

Justice - White Ink on Maroon / Navy Blue / Grey / Black Canvas

Strength - White Ink on Black Canvas

Hermit - White Ink on Black Canvas

Hanged Man - White Ink on Tan / Brown Canvas

Death - White Ink on Navy Blue / Black Canvas

Tower - White Ink on Black Canvas