Dream Raven Tarot


As a dream carrier of messages for the soul, Dream Raven Tarot opens the gateway from the dream world to the conscious world via the wonderful aviary watercolors of Beth Seilonen. By bringing dream information into conscious thought, this lively 78-card deck enables an honest assessment of your current state of affairs, as well as a better understanding of the self and the world around you. Each card image exhibits core ideals of the Tarot through modern and historic iconography and symbolism, incorporating fun body language and cheerful colors. Within each suit, a menagerie of ravens take on a different body structure and style that reflect the corresponding element of that suit. The bright colors enhance the overall mood and message. A light and refreshing deck and guidebook with decorative lines that connect each Raven to their suits and attributed elements ranging from vibrant to subtle, these Dream Ravens are appropriate for any age and any level of Tarot reader. 

Includes 78 cards and full guidebook.


About the Author

Beth Seilonen, BFA 1998, University of Maine, has been creating Tarot decks since 2007 and to date has over 70, both Majors-only and full-length decks. She is an art educator when not creating new decks. Beth is the author/artist of Tarot Leaves.

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