Lucky snake blessed prosperity candle.


When working it can often feel like success is just over the next hill. Always just beyond the next project, client, and deal. It is also so easy to get lost in the day to day and lose focus on the long term energy. This candle and the magick attached to it is intended to provide ongoing sustained growth. It will help push through obstacles, bring clarity, and keep you on track. Unlike many ways of working with money that are focused on todays troubles this energy will carry through for 6 months to provide momentum and fueling growth. 

This work is designed for folks who are:

  • Self employed and building a business
  • Launching a business or project
  • Focused on getting their career to the next level
  • Working in sales or with clients 
  • It is good for any kind of work or creative project

The candle uses a custom sigil I’ve created with my guides tomanifest the right energy in your life. It is then announced with oils and herbs and blessed. Comes with complete instructions. Limited to 12 only at this time. So get them while they are hot. 

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