Goloka Sahasrara Crown Incense Sticks


Incense for the Crown chakra, made by Goloka.

Crown: The Sahasrara, also known as the crown chakra, is the seventh chakra and the beejakshara, or the seed of sound, is ‘Om.’

Color: Gold.

Fragrance: Lotus & Saffron.

Principal: Deals with universal consciousness and intuition. 

We have within us junction points between mind and body, known as chakras or energy points. These centers of vital energy govern the regulation of our life force. When energy is flowing freely through our chakras, we feel grounded, creative, powerful, loving, confident, intuitive, and connected. When energy is obstructed in our chakras, we feel constricted and disconnected from our essential nature. Maintaining open chakras and allowing energy to flow without resistance is the key to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Each chakra is multi-dimensional ball of radiant energy, a vortex that constitutes an essential part of the energetic matrix that supports physical body, mind, and emotions.  Each of these seven major chakras represents a particular frequency of energy.

Goloka Shat Chakra incenses are made with the appropriate fragrance for the individual chakra that has the required effect of clearing and harmonizing the energy center. Goloka has been manufacturing Masala hand rolled, all natural incense, known for its quality, purity, and unique blends since 1982. The company is also known throughout the world for their generosity, and 100% of all manufacturing profits are used for charitable activities.

Each box weighs 15 grams and contains approximately 12 sticks of incense. Each stick is about 8 inches long, and the box measures 2” wide x 8.75” tall x .5” deep.


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