Consecrated Jet Protection Talisman


When I saw these large pieces of flat jet I knew they needed to be turned into talismans. Jet is known for its ability to defend us against jealousy, envy, gossip and other forms of negative attention. Known as 'azabache' in many Caribbean cultures it is sought after for its innate powers.  These charms will go a step further and be consecrated through the spirits I work with to protect from harm and loss in all its forms. 

Each purchase includes:

  • a jet talismans with a silver bale for wearing
  • herbs to clean yourself with before use
  • instructions for taking ownership of, wearing, and caring for your talisman
  • incense for recharging it as need

I am only have 7 pieces right now so when they are sold they are gone.
Please chose which one you want. The second image includes a numbered guide. 

Charms will start shipping by July 6th.