Come to Me Oil


COME TO ME is a traditional oil designed to attract a partner of the opposite sex. This is our only oil that specifies an opposite sex attraction — when trying to attract a lover of the same sex, or a lover of either sex, please use one of our other love oils. Normally, COME TO ME is used when the potential lover is someone the user already knows, but it can also be used to draw a new, previously unknown lover to the practitioner. The essential oils involved in COME TO ME are intended to increase attraction, “heat up” your life, and draw attention to you. The herbs added to the oil are said to strengthen sexual power, enhance love-luck, and contain an element for wish-making. The oil can be used in a variety of ways, from anointing candles to lodestones to using a drop in your floorwash when you know your intended “target” will be in your home.

This mixture contains essential oils of cinnamon and rose, which are known skin irritants. Please do a patch test on the inside of your wrist or elbow 24 hours before you use this oil anywhere on your skin. Be careful not to touch your face, mouth, eyes, or other mucous membranes after handling this oil, even when diluted. The carrier oil for all our products is almond oil, which is a tree nut oil

Suggested Use: Take a red candle and carve a one-word statement of intent into it (sex, love, attraction, or another word symbolizing your wish), or the name of your intended lover. Anoint the candle with the oil from base to tip, holding the tip of the candle towards you and the base away from you. You can either burn the candle all in one go, or mark the candle into equal sections and burn part of it each night. For best results, start your candle working on a Friday (the day of Venus) during the waxing moon. Always snuff or pinch out the candle flame, never blow it out. When the candle is burned as far as it can safely go, run the wick under water to prevent re-lighting. Wrap the candle stub in cloth and bury it respectfully.

Other Uses: If a patch test shows no adverse reaction at the current dilution, it’s possible to use COME TOME as a personal scent. Put a few drops on your pulse points, or rub a tiny amount in your hands and smooth is over your hair. It’s also possible to add this oil into a small amount of unscented moisturizing cream. Just a few drops should do it! Mix it into the cream drop by drop, until you reach the level of scent that you’re looking for, and be sure to store the cream in an opaque, airtight container. A few drops (not the bottle — not even a quarter of the bottle — really, a few drops) in a full bath can be helpful as well. As you bathe or soak, keep your mind on your receptiveness to overtures from the opposite sex, or from your intended partner. There’s many uses for this oil, and only a few listed here, but be sure your skin isn’t irritated by this mix before you do anything other than a patch test. A blotchy red rash isn’t likely to attract anyone but your dermatologist.

Quadrivium Oils are made in a traditional manner. Consisting of all natural ingredients these oils are of the highest quality. Most oils you can buy are synthetic junk. 

2 dram bottle. 

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