Cicada Emergence Talisman


Please note the initial batch was completed. They are available now as a one off at a new price. 

So many people lately feel like they are on the edge of something. Some big new thing. So change that they have been waiting on. I know it is true for so many of my clients and myself too. Certainly the astrology of this summer and the world situation in general repeat this story too. It is a time where we can evolve, grow, step into a new live, and a new way of being. 

Where I am the cicadas are living their best life. Having emerged from the ground after a year - or perhaps much longer. These magical beings shed their shells and fly off to enjoy life and further their species. Their energy is fantastic for both long term planning - some species take 17 years to emerge - as well as transformation like all beings who shed their skin or shell. 

I have been working with their energy for a long time now to foster growth and change in my life and my self. It's time for me to share this with you - if you are ready. 

I'll be making charms to help you shift from one place in your life to another. You can work with this charm to help you:

  • Step up to a new level in your work/business
  • Shed old fears and live a more authentic life
  • Breakthrough an old issue that has been holding you back
  • Change careers to something more authentic
  • Launch a new business
  • Step away from relationships that have been holding you back
  • Grow spiritually and access new levels spiritually
  • Open your heart to more love

Each charm will be personalized to the intentions you share with me. 

This is a limited offering.

Only 22 will be made. Charms will be consecrated in early September and ship September 15th. Orders with other items in the cart will ship with your charm on the 15th. If you'd like your other stuff earlier lease place two orders. 

What will I receive?

You will get a charm built into a metal tin (see images), inside will be a sealed piece of work and space to put your intentions and dreams. As well as a few crystals to support this work. You'll also get a custom oil made just for this offering to help you work with your talisman.

The cicada casings shown will be used in making all the charms and not be included as is in your charm. Those images are for promotion and to capture the energy of the charm. 

How will it be personalized?

I'll send everyone who buys one an email and ask them a series of questions to help me clarify their needs. Then I'll check in with my guides and the cards to make sure all the right pieces come together. Then I'll carve the right symbols into it. I'll charge it with my guides, plant, incense and other things before sending it off to live with you. 

How do I work with it?

Each talisman will include a detailed set of instructions for both communicating your needs with this charm and how to feed it to keep it strong. 

What if I don't know much or anything about magic?

No worries. You are getting me to do this so you can make use of my decades of study and practice. If you can write on paper and follow a few simple directions you have got this. I am doing the hard part so it will be easy for you. 

No cicadas were harmed to make these charms. The casings are shed naturally as part of their growth,