Zodiac Candle: Capricorn


Use Madame Phoenix's zodiac candles to amplify the energy of the sun sign currently active. Or, grab a candle that fits your sign to raise your vibrations all year. 

December 22 - January 19th

Element of Cardinal Earth.

Colours: Black, Brown, Green, Dark Blue.

Crystal: Obsidian, Garnet, Onyx, Agate, Jet, Ruby and Tanzanite

Planet: Saturn

Metal: Lead

Phrase: "I use"

Capricorn is responsible, loyal, resourceful, patient, ambitious and practical - be careful not to be conceited and inhibited!

Madame Phoenix Spell Candles are individually made with high quality soy wax, natural cotton wick, natural dyes and filled with pure essential oils , expertly blended to achieve a specific magical effect. 

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