Blue Moon Oil


This very special ritual oil was made during January's Blue Supermoon in Leo. I was inspired to blend this oil to channel that charming, charismatic go-getter Leo's energy into the rare, magical power of the Blue Moon to create a unique spell oil.

Blue Moons hold the magical power of assisting in the manifestation of deeply held subconscious desires, dreamt-about long shots, life-changing one-in-a-million chances and success against steep odds.

What have you been wanting to do, but are afraid it will never happen or work? Use this oil in a ritual or piece of spell craft to lend you the energy you need!

Individually hand crafted from essential oils, crystal elixirs and rare organic herbs. It's beautiful blue colour is completely natural; no dye is used at all. Wear this oil, use it in an oil diffuser, anoint candles with it or put a few drops into a ritual bath or floor wash.


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