Astrology Learning Cards


Essential Horoscope Elements | Self Study Flash Cards

Astrology is a complex system that includes many components. The Astrology Learning Cards provide a simple way to learn the fundamentals associated with this art.

This deck includes key definitions of the astrological signs, planets, houses, and relational aspects. Each card is double sided with the symbol and/or name on one side with the description or associations on the other. The card details for the Astrological signs include theme, element, keywords, symbol, ruling planet, phrase, opposite sign, and the quadruplicity or quality. The Planet cards have the theme, keywords, a brief description about the planet's influence, the mythological association where applicable, and the sign it rules. Theme, keywords, and ruling sign are on each of the House cards. On the aspect cards is the degree of that specific aspect and a paragraph about the aspect's qualities and influences. The four elements cards include theme, keywords, and the astrological signs associated with the elements.

The deck comes with a small booklet that includes information on how the use the deck, Terminology, and Using the cards for laying out one's birth chart, and more. The Astrology Learning Cards deck has 73 cards. Size: 3.75" x 5.25" in a durable lift-off-top storage box. 

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