CBD Tarot de Marseille


This reproduction of the Conver Marseille deck goes beyond just copying the original. Yoav Ben-Dov has added character and class to bring the deck more into alignment with what it would have been like when printed. Hand drawing the lines and lettering adds a charming handmade feel to the deck. 

The cardstock used for the CBD Tarot de Marseille is “Superluxe 320 grs with inline varnish”. This was the best one offered by CartaMundi. It is clear white, strong, durable and flexible. The cards slide smoothly when shuffled without being too “plastic glossy”. They are also thin enough to make the whole deck fit easily into the hand.

Each card measures 62×120 mm with round corners. The illustration frames (without borders) measure 57×114 mm. This is the average measure of card frames in the original Conver wood plates.

This deck comes with a little white book of meanings. 

If you are buying this deck please check out the larger companion book The Open Reading. It adds depth to reading this deck and a very inspiring approach to tarot in general. Buy them together to save. 


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